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We are professional and have 30 years more experience in import-export, cross border shipment

also import-export customs clearance




inter logistics co.,ltd

Our company provide freight forwarder service and we have experienced more than 30 years in logistics industry
we are strong for import and export Asia, USA, and Europe zone
we also have member logistics network 3 network groups and worldwide agent more than 300 company
in the hand so we promise every shipment handle by us will make a new experience to you and
ready to help every problem if you have for import or export shipments even by Airfreight, Road,
also big project as Bulk, RO-RO, we can make it easy for you.


Our service



Sea freight service

sea freight


Air freight service

air freight


Transport service






We are members of three logistics network


Motion Network

Motion Logistics  Network


Mundu network

Mundu Logistics Network



FDX Logistics Network





Manager import – export

Why we choose service from Planet inter logistics

Because Planet inter logistics takes good care of the service work, there are many options to choose from to meet our needs. And when there is a problem, Planet inter logistics will take action to fix the problem immediately. I can say that the service is very satisfying to us.


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